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USPAACC’s certification is recognized by national corporations, and is as thorough and complex as other well-known minority certification processes conducted by national organizations.

Certification Benefits: Unlock Your Professional Potential

Explore the advantages that come with certification through our comprehensive Certification Benefits section. Elevate your business prospects, gain industry recognition, and open doors to new opportunities. From enhanced credibility and increased marketability to expanded networking possibilities, discover how certification can propel your business to new heights. Stay informed about the tangible benefits that accompany your certified status, and leverage them to showcase your business commitment to excellence. Navigate to Certification Benefits and unlock the full potential of your business journey.

USPAACC's certification is recognized by Fortune corporations and government agencies. Our thorough and comprehensive certification process enhances business opportunities by connecting certified AABE's with potential contract opportunities. Since 1989, USPAACC’s Asian American Business Certification program has provided corporations and government supplier diversity organizations with qualified and quality suppliers they seek.

The oldest and largest Pan Asian American organization representing Asian American businesses in the United States.

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