USPAACC’s certification is recognized by national corporations, and is as thorough and complex as other well-known minority certification processes conducted by national organizations.

If your business is certified as Asian American-owned, you can be chosen by corporations and government procurement/contracting offices that want to do business with qualified minority or Asian American-owned businesses.  Many procurement offices in corporate and government organizations have supplier diversity programs that focus on bringing contracting opportunities to the minority communities, and that includes Asian Americans. That is why being certified can help you expand your business.

USPAACC-SE has a program that reaches out to Asian American entrepreneurs and certifies their businesses. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a corporation, or a partnership, you can obtain certification if you qualify as an Asian American-owned enterprise. Your application will be reviewed to ensure that your business is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by an Asian American(s), or minority(ies). The certification process involves the completion and submission of an application.  The information provided will be verified for accuracy and eligibility.  It also requires a site visit.  The process normally takes two to three months, depending on the applicant’s timely completion of the required documents.