Membership Committee

Membership Process for Certification, Membership, and Renewals

Overview: There is a concern that USPAACC-SE is not receiving funds for new members and renewals through certain processes. National has an Outreach team that recruits; if they recruit in our region, we do not receive any funds, because the effort was an National effort. This goes for certification and new members. For example, one business that I call on from Outreach initiative got recertified and we will not see any of those funds. We have a strong apprehension with everything going to National because of barriers of getting information about our members and not receiving funds.

Certification Process

If a business get certifies, the fee includes membership. USPAACC Certified Membership costs for a fee range of $300 - $900 USD. The fee structure for Certified Membership is tiered based on businesses’ annual revenue.

Non-Certified Members Process